About us

We are creative builders of outdoor spaces

We work closely with you to create a plan for your garden, drive, park, wood, basically any kind of outdoor space. If you have absolutely no idea what you want but just know that you would like somewhere nice to sit, to entertain, to play or just to enjoy – we can supply the ideas.

We provide a complete service, including the concept design for your garden and all stages of the creative development. However, if you already have a landscape designer working for you but require someone to bring their design to life then we are very experienced in working together with landscape architects and their drawings.


Garden concepts

We like to start the old fashioned way… with a pen and paper. Usually a few scribbles and impressions to help involve you in the ideas for the design and give you a vision of what the garden could look like.

We use the surrounding environment to help with the new design. For example, where does the sun shine in the morning, neighbouring properties, what trees are present… we like trees and encourage the use of trees in most of the gardens we build. Small trees, big trees there is always space somewhere for a tree.

Aspects of the build

During the development process, we cover all the aspects required to provide a pretty cool space. From the ground works to switching on the lights and everything else in between. we often include items a little out of the ordinary.

Working drawings – for planning and budgeting the build

We work closely with Jane Jordan Garden Design and recommend her for full CAD (computer aided desgin) drawings which can include 3D walk throughs.

All these are useful tools to help us build a plan for your new garden.